Monday, March 23, 2015


I don't know what is it with me and big hair.  I blame retro films.  I blame Dolly Parton.  I blame all of my old Barbie dolls. I blame Princess Peach. I blame Texas.  Okay, I know the hair pictured above isn't as big as Texas, but it's pretty voluminous on my head-- and I love it. 

There's not a whole lot for me to explain this picture, clearly, it's just another of my ingenue style.  I only just want to thank two of my friends (cosmetology students in training) for putting huge rollers in my head.  I love how my curls felt very light and airy, yet the curling details remained compact. 

Lately in Spring 2015...

I've been soooo preoccupied with beauty school assignments that I have no time to blog from the past several weeks.  Believe me, cosmetology requires loads of study time (learning about chemistry, geometry, design, etc.) but it's a pretty fun subject!  At least I know I will have a stable career to keep my income rolling.

So, I finished my fantasy mannequin for school.  I know the whole deer thing is pretty common throughout youtube, tumblr, and instagram, but I had fun making my own version of this piece. My client (the mannequin) was pretty non-verbal throughout her makeover. 

While I will be updating on a lot of beauty-related stuff,  I won't shy away from fashion either!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Simple Moments: Cute Doodles and Instax Camera

Simple Moments: Instax

I'm pretty happy that my boyfriend got me this, and wasn't expecting an instax camera either!  I already tested this out, and it's pretty FUN.  I love the sound it makes. 

Oh, and his doodles made me laugh.  There were holiday ribbons on top of those guys.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Realistic Goals For Next Year

1. Not be too hard on myself.

2. Attend to an actual cosplay convention, and not just the free event in SF.

3. Get better with hair n’ makeup.

4. Focus more on skin and hair care.

5. Visit an eye doctor.

6. Wear my converses with skirts/ dresses

7. Wear sneakers as if they are the most fashionable pieces ever (well, I’ve been starting this already)

8. Cat- style eyeglass frames

9. Discover new recipes

10. Get caught up with Gravity Falls

11. Head out to a quaint artsy town and buy vintage templates for a new dress project 

12. Try new knitting patterns

13. Finish a stop motion project

14. More hiking adventures

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Not Anything New: Pleather Jacket x Tulle Dress

I worn this type of pair several times before, just because it is one of my favorite outfits that follows the pattern of fun discords.  This time, I was able to wear my pleather jacket and my tulle dress with my rockabilly bangs and comfortable shoes. 

Listening to Genius of Love by Tom Tom Club.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Luther Burbank Home and Gardens

 A stroll in the park....







I'm Pretty Spoiled....

You know there is this saying about "having a December birthday sucks" as if it is the most terrible day ever?   I still don't feel it, and I have had people speaking out for me that my birthday experiences in the past sucked just because I may not receive high quantity of birthday gifts all in one year or get full attention from my family and friends. Usually these are the kind of comments I hear from those who are more privileged and their birthdays are set in Spring and Summer.  Do I really have to be that entitled to expect others to make my day special in what others find ideal?

No, I didn't get a birthday party.  My family didn't load me with tons of gifts.   I'm not the queen of the world and I don't expect others to put my day as a priority before everything else.  Nevertheless, I felt pretty spoiled

First, my boyfriend took me out to some lovely strolls and treat me to one of my favorite food places.  After I got back home, my little sister bought me an ice cream cake and some pretty snacks, which made me questioned whether or not she saved her allowance money for the cake-- she's only fifteen.  I'm aware that my mom did a whole lot with financial stuff for me to get started into beauty college, I'm grateful for her doing that.  Because of my mom, I was able to get  sizable eyeshadow palette from Sephora just so I can practice on eye makeup on myself.  By the end of the first week at school this month, I received my first facial massage.  Also, I believe one of the greatest gifts you can get is the kind you get for yourself- kind of like how Agent Cooper would treat himself to a coffee. Instead of a coffee, I ended up getting myself a really cute stationery pad and a novelty office desk decor.  I believe I reached Nirvana (something like it), so I am not complaining about my December birthday.

The fact that I live I grew up in a comfortable environment, currently in a healthy relationship, and that I have pretty supportive parents means that I'm privileged in most cases. Sure I am not filthy rich, but it is not like I am dirt poor either.  Overall, I don't need others tell me that I should want more for my birthday, because I'm pretty content with having a birthday near the holidays.