Monday, March 7, 2011

Cookie Experiments

My first time flash doodling from my boyfriend's computer. Can't wait to mess with this program more!

My doodle of my yesterday's outfit. Yay for floral.


  1. u were mentioned on my blog;) (cause i love it here!)

  2. im glad you like my blog too ^^ Im trying to do my best and when I found your blog I was just thinking why the hell u have just 9 followers - u should have hundreds! This is all I can do to support you, though youre my first follower :)
    p.s.:I 'm looking foward to new articles and drawings:) and the cookie experiment is perfect!!

  3. Hi Bonita. Your drawing is adorable. Im always fascinated by that & your photography. :) That program seems fun to work with. Can i ask what its called?

  4. Nassi: I believe it's an adoble flash program. I don't own it, and I only messed with it once. I hope to mess with it more in the future. :D