Saturday, April 16, 2011

Student Film Festival in Petaluma

As kitsch as it may sound, I tagged with my boyfriend to a student film festival to not only watch my boyfriend and his group's Puberty II, but to see other screenings made by other local students too. I'm glad that my Adam-bear and his friends attended, despite that they didn't seem too enthusiastic before the festival, because of "questions and answers" that every film creator must partake in. The director of his group did great in answering questions to more than one curious member from the audience. Unexpectedly, I actually saw some entertaining short films made by a few other students from our local area--I laughed. That day was also the highlight of my week...especially over Animal Collective's concert (ugggh, I was hoping they would make my night).

Sock Monkey dressed so splendid for such a small event!


Adam-bear in his spiffy blue blazer!

After the film festival, we headed out to dinner. Pigged ourselves out!

My favorite short from film screenings:

The things I like in the ending of the short: automatic "thumb up" from the cash register, and that soul music of victory.

My illustration of what I wore for that day.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Amusement from a scenic route towards the coast

We headed to the beach and decided not to do a bonfire gathering in the evening, because it was too windy. Instead, we still ended up hanging out- just nearby home. Met some new interesting people (boyfriend's friends)-- they were all quite imaginative. It was one warm Wednesday. 1 out 2 highlighted days of last week.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011