Monday, June 13, 2011

Do you realize--that you have the most beautiful face?

I attended Harmony Festival the past Saturday with my boyfriend and his friends mainly to see the Flaming Lips--they were loads of excitement. Not only their music sounded warm and colorful to me, but their visuals and atmosphere are just as pleasant. Everything was just beautiful--laid back people, fairly nice weather, and loads of magical surprises. They played almost all of the songs I wanted to hear the most, my goodness the night felt short. I brought home some confetti strips from the concert, as my souvenir. I'm thinking of incorporating my collected confetti into my collage for a scrapbook.

Before ze Flaming Lips, we amused ourselves by mimicking reggae music and observing others.

Hula hoops.

Wayne Coyne and his wild instrument.

Splurge of presents!

It's my attempt similar to how Amelie likes looking back at the audience during a movie screening.


More on my Flickr link.

Sample their song, "Do You Realize"

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Country Romanticism.

Mr. Periwinkle.

Two leggings in one.

Blueberries on my ice cream yogurt.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Illustrations of my outfits for the past few days.....

I don't remember the particular day. I believe I wore this outfit twice this week. It's pretty comfortable and effortless.

Little bunny versions of my boyfriend and I; and the other is my "Adventure Time" inspired illustration.


Our anniversary at the lake. It was lovely. Then, we headed out for dinner, which was delightful too.


The feeling of wobbliness at the pier.

Dining at sunset.

For a year.