Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Handcar Regatta--Like A Steampunk Fair

Just few days ago, on a Sunday, we( with my boyfriend and my sibling) fully attended to a particular festival in our local town for the first time (though, second time for me to only spot). I guess it's plausible to to call this festival with the touch of Steampunkish style. The Handcar Regatta, by context, refers mainly to man-powered vehicles at race...not necessarily on water, but on our city-town's unused railroad tracks. The spice of this event just tends to be filled with people dressed in Gas Light era type of fantasy. Fun and eccentric!

My skirt and my hat are DIY objects. I know I didn't sew fairly too well as I liked, but it was convincing to my initial plan. The rest of the items are actually everyday clothes from my closet. I will post a bit more in unrelated order soon.

Last year's entry on this festival.

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