Thursday, September 8, 2011


"Life's funny. To a kid, time always drags. Suddenly you're fifty. All that's left of your childhood... fits in a rusty little box."- Brotedeau from Amelie.

I did a little a bit of childhood reminisce as I was browsing through tumblr blogs looking at images consisting of gardens, tea parties, crayolas, cookies and such; and I thought about all the objects I actually enjoyed playing with when I was young-- there's one toy I don't remember much about.

My favorite toys as a child:

1. Pippi Longstocking Doll
According to my mother, she said I was really attached to my Pippi doll. I don't even have memories about owning that particular doll, but I think as I got a little older into grade school, I believe I felt familiarity when I spotted a librarian wearing red pig tails and stockings during Halloween. Found her beautiful. I am not surprised to find out that I actually owned a Pippi doll, because I've always been attracted to bright and fun looking characters. I even thought Anne Shirley, a fictional red head, from Anne of the Green Gables was fun too as a child. Since it was a plushie type of doll, I'm sure at that age, I must have found comfort with it.

2. Barbie dolls in fluffy dresses
Yes, I played with Barbies as a young girl. Not just any generic barbies, but ones with fluffy and flouncy dresses. Then some of them later got slightly chewed up by a four years old (me) and ended up with tangled hair. They were still fun to play with and I liked receiving party dresses for them. They later got lost as we moved up to Northern Cal. As the mid 90s hit, I found most Barbies to be dull to play with since there were less quirky dresses and less voluminous hair.

3. Block type toys- like Legos, Betterblocks, and classic blocks
In first grade we have this day for a free play time day, the station I would often pick is the station filled with blocks. I can play freely in my own world without being dictated or bothered by another kid. A bucket of Betterblocks pretty much consumed my after homework time whilst watching Rugrats. When my brother lets me play with them , I would sometimes find a chance to build my world with his Legos.

4. Coloring books
Coloring books took up mostly during my older childhood years-- beyond fourth grade! The biggest coloring book I received happened to be a poster-sized book about Christmas. I believed my aunt, my brother and I filled most of the pages up. My dad wrote phone numbers and notes on it. Later on, my giant Christmas coloring book got thrown out. Ahhhh! It's okay, because I have tons of other coloring books.

As an adult, I still find toys these days to be just as interesting as the ones I owned (aside that we all know they're still timeless pieces). Whoever invented Lalaloopsy dolls has cute taste and imagination. I'm also thankful for the kawaii cartoon culture for being responsible with simplified plushies in this era. Overall, for one, nothing can beat a child's imagination with a cardboard box.

So what were your favorite toys as child?


  1. Your entry brings me right back to childhood, I love reading about the things we loved so much when we were young. :)

    The Cat Hag

  2. aww cute post! i used to have this one doll that i would never let go of. once i left it at a resturant and didnt realize till my parents had driven like 30 minutes away, so I made them go back :P

  3. @Kat, awwwww. I believe I had a blanket attachment when I was younger.