Monday, October 10, 2011

Birthday on a Monday Evening

It is my little sister's birthday today. All I did was a little bit of decoration and organization in her room that she actually felt cheery over them. I was surprised how quickly I managed to do something special in a short period of time. I even had art history class this morning, I never thought I would end up using Christmas lights and inviting her stuffed friends to make her day a bit more magical.

After my baby sister's long trip from the dentist appointment, my mother and I told her to go clean her room and to finish her homework. It was kinda amusing to hear her fuss a bit, somewhat in a slight crabby mood. But she walked into her bedroom door anyways, in an unexpected manner. Then we heard her jumped and screamed in joy, her crankiness had then disappeared.

My mother also joined in to watch her unwrapped her little gifts. I was glad my sister enjoyed her non-mundane Monday.


  1. That's so mean to tell her to go clean her room and make homework!

    But it looks very nice with the light and all. Glad to hear she enjoyed it so much :)

  2. It was XD, glad the stuff in her room made up for our fake coldness. XD