Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Styling philosophy

"It is very important to enjoy yourself don't you worry about other people think," a message I found from The Mori-Girl Style video. Not only I like the garments from the video but it's also very pleasant to hear these women happy about their own personal style, yet they do not please society by wearing heels or anything visually eye candy for men. The mori styles are usually seen as being loose fitted, comfortable and almost fully covered on a person's body-- which may be considered "old lady-like" by the mainstream crowd, but I find the mori or forest style to be beautiful! Looks like old ladies to me are beautiful anyways.  Oh, and I'm not against heels or fitted clothing either, for me personally, I like them on certain days-- but not most days when I like to feel comfortable and in need to walk a lot. Besides, I need to take good care of my feet! 

From my tumblr of doodles, Sugar Bunny Delights

Outfit from yesterday, early morning at a bookstore --then to work afterward. I really like my new Earthbound sketchbook.

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