Monday, August 20, 2012

Star gazing

It was my second time this summer when I went to view stars at an observatory place in Kenwood. However, this time was my first time looking for shooting stars with my naked eyes . Coming from a family who normally don't do nighttime outdoor activities and mostly stuck in a city-town with suburban lights, carpooling out to a secluded area to watch stars with a group of friends was pretty eventful for me. I caught more than ten shooting stars from random directions for the past few hours of star gazing whilst listening to some comical people talk and sing in from our group. Despite that I had to get up early for work within the next five hours that time-- I had no regrets in the star gazing event.

Of course I did not even bother to take night pictures, but I only doodled from memory of my joyful feeling from observing shooting stars.


I am not great with most or almost every scientific names and sky/ space maps, but they're  just so dreamy to look at.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Orange Sunday Part II

 My last river trip images.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cat-eyed glasses


I hope to find a non-designer, affordable, yet good quality cat-eyed frames for my next prescription glasses.  I shall continue the hunt!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

We finally knew who the murderer was.....

 I went to see Agatha Christie's mystery play, the Mousetrap, with  my honey-bear and our friends for the first time (third time for trying to get tickets)-- I can say the play even made my summer more fulfilling (despite that I have to skip Outside Lands Festival, two favorite bands, a cancelled Steam Punk fair, and out-of-town vacations). The play was quite well done by some talented actors (one is a friend of our group), that I came to a conclusion of not having one favorite character. Like with most of Christie's written works, we played the guessing game trying to pick up clues that would lead to the murderer. Along with the suspenseful feel, it had loads of comedic moments. In an interesting twist, we finally reached to the part when the murderer had revealed oneself. After the ending of the play, we, as the audience, were asked not to spoil it for others who have not seen this play.

Bald man in white shirt-- it's John Malkovich?:O

1. My boyfriend spotted a "John Malkovich" in the audience. (We do this inside joke about every time we sight a doppelganger, we refer the doppelganger as to the person we're familiar with.)  Not sure if the guy I captured here was the same John Malkovich we saw.

2. Finally, a ticket!  *Pastes to scrapbook*

Sunday, August 5, 2012

What I like

So besides cracking a creme brulee with a spoon (haha, like in Amelie), I find that I like quite some things.

I like the scent of  used cookie wrappers left with cinnamon smell,

I like drawing long tails at the end of my eyes with my black eyeliner and I like wearing red on my lips,

I like the movements of pixel animals and the sounds of 8-bits,

Most of all, I like nights with neutral temperature, magical lights and waltz music.

My Pasty Amusement World

I captured some pinks and baby blues at the County Fair.