Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mori Girl 30 day challenge: Days 1, 2 & 3

Found this tag from ShadyOaks, so credits to her for creating this list!

1. Naturally, our first question is how did you get into mori girl?

While I did chewed up my plastic Barbies and sang "Material Girl", my whole life I've always been interested in some down-to-earth interests and activities(hiking, animals, etc.). I remembered even liking clothes from pictures of old fairy tale characters. It was just a few years ago since I discovered a name of this particular interest/ lifestyle.

2. Who is/are your mori girl idols? who inspires your fashion?

Nobody specific at the moment. Perhaps some of my elementary school teachers? :3

3- Have you ever lived in a rural environment? if you have, do you think it influenced your mori-ness? if you never have,  do you think living in a suburban or urban environment influenced your style any?

Something like that, yes, but not quite secluded as some other towns in the Wine Country, California. Before residing in a suburban neighborhood, I lived  with/near my grandparents during my elementary school years. They had an interesting large yard around their house-- oak trees, willow trees, mud, frogs, deep ditches, tall grass, unpaved driveways, organic veggies, and chickens. Although I didn't wear a lot of long skirts as a child,  the mori lifestyle makes me nostalgic of my child hood. Plus, the city-town I've been living in has quite a bohemian community. So, it can be uncommon to find people in down-to-earth clothing or people looking boho-chic.

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