Monday, November 19, 2012

Cat faces!

First of all, I'm still in a long hunt for cat-eyed frames while I've been neglecting to make an appointment with an optometrist. Secondly, I have a thing for cat faces on clothing:

Spotted this Peter Pan collard shirt with a cat face print from tumblr. I believe the original brand might be from Candy Stripper, based in Harajuku. As I searched for this top, I was only led to Aliebaba/ Aliexpress. So yeah, not ordering anything from there because of time and shipping.

I first spotted this dress from a Lovelyish article. Too bad it's from Romwe, because I've heard mixed reviews from that place. Plus, I am not that patient for oversea stuff.

These are my "wish list" doodles. I will have to put these cat faces for my next semi-sewing, crafting or DIY project.

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