Monday, April 8, 2013

Mori Girl 30 day challenge: 15 and 16

Fifteen- post a photo of your favorite personal mori girl coordinate.

It's not the ideal or whimsical kind of my personal mori girl coordinate, but it's definitely one of my most relaxing coordinates. I can actually move and bicycle freely in this particular outfit.

Screen capture from my polyvore set.
At the moment, I am in a hunt for a 70s-version of a gunne sax dress.  I think this will make my ideal personal mori coordinate. Otherwise, I will have to make my own once I obtain a template. We will see!

Sixteen- post at least 5 photos that inspire you. They don’t necessarily have to be fashion!

Sheryl Lee's outfit (woman who played Lauren Palmer in Twin Peaks).

Rainbow and Animal Crossing. :)

Gardens from Luther Burbank's home.

Summer Landscape by Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Some were taken from tumblr, and the rest from my own flickr account.

Thanks to shadyoaks for this list of challenge.

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