Friday, June 28, 2013

Black Cat Socks

For awhile I've been wanting a pair of cat tights that I tend to spot over on tumblr. I can't spend money over clothes at the moment, therefore I made my own black cat socks instead. I basically used black felt to create my kitty ears--sewing was kinda tricky when I had to combine those stretchy materials. As for the face patterns, I used my intuition to stitch kitty faces on my socks. Can't wait to wear them out!


  1. I love those tights! Soooo cute! So jealous that you made them yourself! God, I suck at making things. Haha. *sigh* <3

    - Anna

    1. lol! To be fair, if my socks were to be viewed in close up detail, you can see that they were actually messily sewn. XD It's okay because I'm pretty content with it.