Monday, June 3, 2013


Images #1 & 2- Outfit for a night out of eating nachos and hanging out with friends

Images #3- Pizza and afternoon stroll with my boyfriend on our anniversary day.

This week personal links:

So it is near summer! I say "near" because May's wind is still lingering this week, and it's not quite hot yet. Lately I've been listening to No One Does It Like You by Department of Eagles and thanks to my George Clinton Station (and the movie Good Burger which lead me to him), I discovered this song by Midnight Star.

Since I'm a fan of David Lynch, I was able to watch his 2011 short made for Dior. His style is beautifully eerie as usual.

Not so fond of cosmetics with harsh chemicals? Ms Toi of Lilikoi Looks, from youtube is a great advocate for alternative beauty. Plus, I found ways to save loads of money.

My minor geekery
Not only I find Jean-Luc Picard as an amazing and avant-garde captain from Star Trek: The Next Generation, but Sir Patrick Stewart is an amazing fellow as a regular person too.

I like watching therapeutic videos of Nintendo games reviews. They make me feel at peace and they're so homely.


  1. I love your drawings. <3 These outfits are so cute! ^_^ Also, nice to know that I'm not the only one that watches video game reviews (though not for therapeutic purposes hehe). I'm still amazed that I can find playthroughs for old DOS games and Sega Master System games on Youtube. I don't know what I would do without ye old tube of you. :D

    - Anna

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I like how I can find just about anything by looking up the tube of you. XD I found most of the old computer games I played on the MacIntosh.

  2. I'm so glad that I found your blog! It is so original ... I've never seen a blog exactly like this. I love your drawings, they're so detailed and sketched really well. I love the first outfit :)

    (I'm a totally new blogger so if you have any suggestions that would be great!)

  3. omg! your drawings are so pretty :) xx