Sunday, July 14, 2013

Carousel at Pier 39

Taken from my flickr photostream.

A  song by Beirut for this particular post.

Friday, July 12, 2013

V-Cut Neckline Dress

For a dinner date.

Plaid: Daytime and Evening Time

Daytime Plaid: Sun hat, gray vest, jeans, and loafers.

Evening time Plaid: Bowler hat, cream sweater, disco pants, and beige ankle boots.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


From my tumblr blog of doodles.

♪ Currently listening to the Fairy Fountain theme from Zelda. 

July links!

Now we're in mid summer, so here are my highlighted links for this month:

♥ I read an article on how Jane Austen books were prescribed to WWI veterans to put them at ease. I think that's quite intriguing, because her books relieved me during low times (and no, I didn't read them as a crazy fan girl). So what do you think? Have you read any of her books?

♥ It has been awhile since Disney produced some quality animations-- so check out some Mickey 2013 shorts! I love the characters design and I love how they did the sponge-paint technique for the backgrounds. Some of the background artwork resembles Mary Blair's style in design. She worked for Disney, so I guess she might have influenced contemporary artists for animation and illustration. I know for sure, I'm in love with her style too! 

♥ Breakfast with avocado-- this looks pretty good and not difficult to make. 

♥ Regardless of age, I believe everybody should build a personal fort, just for fun! I wish I have my younger cousins are around for this project. Otherwise, I will just build one myself! 

♥ I can't wait for Natashi Allegri's upload of Bee and Puppycat! I can spot some Sailor Moon and Studio Ghibli  inspirations bundled with Western animations  from the trailer! 

What do you think of my links? How is your summer so far? 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mori Girl 30 Day Challenge: XVII- XIX

17. What's your favorite season and why?

My favorite season used to be only autumn because of the changes in leaves from green to rustic red (from the place I reside in). But I no longer have a favorite season since I find all three other seasons to be as beautiful too: winter, spring, and summer. 

18. Are you inspired by any foreign cultures other than Japanese? What about them inspires you?

Of course, all sorts of different cultures! As someone who has been studying Fine Arts (then made a big transition to Fashion Studies), I would say such art works from different regions on Earth from different eras are pretty inspiring to me.  I tend to magically immerse myself into symbolic motifs,  ethnic patterns, certain style of shapes, and colors of art from different cultures as I admire their beauty.  But at the same time, I do my best to understand various kinds of cultural appropriations (sometimes pretty complicated, subjective and not as black-and-white)-- I made some mistakes and I may not learn everything yet, but I'm still learning! 

19. Are you inspired by your own culture? If so, how do you incorporate it?

As a Cambodian- American from California, I would say so when it comes to my personal favorite music. Like the band Dengue Fever-- with music that actually correlates with my parent's homeland, whilst at the same time it responds well to my liking of the Californian psychedelic rock (oh, and world genre in general).  Yay, cultural fusion! I simply just incorporate it just by listening to their album, Escape From The Dragon House, even if I can't apply a Los Angeles band to visually  complete my mori girl my outfit.  But hey, personal music relaxes my bloodstream even if most others from my community may not fancy it as much. All it matters is that I am at peace with myself to keep me inspired.