Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July links!

Now we're in mid summer, so here are my highlighted links for this month:

♥ I read an article on how Jane Austen books were prescribed to WWI veterans to put them at ease. I think that's quite intriguing, because her books relieved me during low times (and no, I didn't read them as a crazy fan girl). So what do you think? Have you read any of her books?

♥ It has been awhile since Disney produced some quality animations-- so check out some Mickey 2013 shorts! I love the characters design and I love how they did the sponge-paint technique for the backgrounds. Some of the background artwork resembles Mary Blair's style in design. She worked for Disney, so I guess she might have influenced contemporary artists for animation and illustration. I know for sure, I'm in love with her style too! 

♥ Breakfast with avocado-- this looks pretty good and not difficult to make. 

♥ Regardless of age, I believe everybody should build a personal fort, just for fun! I wish I have my younger cousins are around for this project. Otherwise, I will just build one myself! 

♥ I can't wait for Natashi Allegri's upload of Bee and Puppycat! I can spot some Sailor Moon and Studio Ghibli  inspirations bundled with Western animations  from the trailer! 

What do you think of my links? How is your summer so far? 

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