Sunday, September 22, 2013

Oh, hai Fall!

I'm excited for Fall-- yay to jackets and sweaters. Lately, I've been drawing Animal Crossing characters wearing fashionable clothes; and I'm not talking about Gracie Grace fashion either.  For instance, I drew Felicity, Katt and Olivia wearing Yves Saint Laurent for Ready-To-Wear Fall 2013. I don't own a lot of well-known designer items, but I already have something similar in my closet: motorcycle jacket, 90s floral dress, and punkish boots. Now, I just need to hunt for fish net (preferably black floral lace) tights.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wunderkammer (Steampunk, Steamfunk, and Gaslight Era-related Festival)

Because of last year, I was afraid that we would no longer have a steampunk festival, the Handcar Regatta, in our city-town. Luckily, a collaborator brought it back and renamed it as, the Wunderkammer. It was one of best steampunk festivals I attended-- I had a relaxing day just hanging with my boyfriend and our friends as we listened to music (90s girl -sounding punk band and steamFUNK-- think Sly and the Family Stone dressed in Neo- Victorian outifts, cool, huh?).

I didn't take a whole lot of pictures-- I got kind of shy asking to strangers to pose.

Back to blogging!

I know  I haven't been able to update this blog, mainly because I got caught up with work (during the rest of my summer), Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and school. I will have to do my best to pencil in my blog time, as a way to practice my writing-- even when I'm quite horrible at it.

Well, that's okay. Now, I have Arcade Fire to soothe me!