Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Random Links!

♥ This video is for all of you cat lovers.

♥ I want to visit these awesome stationery stores.

♥ Whaaaaaaat! A kickstarter for Jane Austen video game.

♥ This fellow bought 55,000 dresses for his wife. It's not like the 500 sandwiches story, but it's still interesting to read!

♥ I'm really digging this period drama, The Paradise.  It's about retail / department store work in 19th Century England.

♥ Eliza Skinner's input on the difference between sexy and slutty.

♥ Afterlife music video with lyrics, by Arcade Fire.

♥ Cute camera straps. Maybe this will make a good DIY project? I'd like to revamp my camera strap!

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