Monday, February 24, 2014

February Pinks

Dreamy late winter (more like spring in Cali) photos. Visit my Flickr here:

Monday, February 10, 2014

Awesome Links

♥ Cute cocktails recipes to try out!

♥ Adorable 3DS xl/ll cat case.

♥ This is now part of my favorite programs list.  Since I'm studying fashion, it's very inspiring to watch.

♥ A game with a beautiful story line.

♥ Catbug's away team.

♥ DIY floral letters!


Outfit Ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day to me is a holiday about love, not just about romantic kind of love-- there's family love and friendship love. I created some outfit ideas for Valentine's Day.

Breakfast Date/ Casual Hangout  
Breakfast Date

I don't only think of red when it comes to Valentine colors, I also think of pastel colors too-- just like candy hearts! Just imagine walking out in a frosty morning to catch a breakfast date before your work shift starts.
*Ideally I would prefer a darker colored knitted tights instead of the light ones, but you get the idea.

Spontaneous Lunch Date
Spontaneous Lunch Date

If you reside in a warmer area like me (Northern California's temperature can be neutral in February), then  I would say this is a great outfit for a day out.  Unfortunately, I won't be able to go out for lunch-- but I can save this for a non-workday! Basically, I just played around with bright Barbie colors.

Candlelight Dinner Date- Oooh la la
Dinner Date

Any kind of flattering solid black dress should do!