Monday, March 17, 2014


For almost the whole year, I have been going through quite some changes.  So much has happened, and time flew by quickly.

In the end, I'm happy with the choices I made for myself, as I feel I have cleansed my soul.  Last February, I quit retail-- I worked there for about five years.  I decided to continue to study fashion, even if fashion doesn't offer me a sustainable income, it is part of my hobby, afterall.  It was a bit risky quitting my old job, but I have found temporary work places at a county fair and at a junior college bookstore.

Now, I'm working as a receptionist at a hair salon pending to get into a local beauty school.  I don't plan on making fortunes, I'm content with living modestly-- I just need enough to enjoy art and live comfortably.  Fashion will always be my life-long passion, but for now, it will just be something that I'll work on the side.  Although I'm still a busy person, my new lifestyle allowed me some wiggle room for my love life (boyfriend), family time (sister), and for my quiet time.  Maybe I just got lucky, but I'm glad that I didn't ignore what my heart values.

What are some of the changes you are proud of? Do share!

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  1. Hey nita! Thanks for the comments. Yea I check your blog from time to time too but never leave comments. So of course I know who this is.. I'm glad you're doing well and moving on to doing what you love. I'm doing good myself too. Thanks for the birthday day wishes. We should meet and go to inspiration place and takes many pics n blog lol. Well have to wait til I get bsch though. Anyways it was nice hearing from you. Take care!