Friday, May 2, 2014

Fun links of the day

My room, photo linked from my personal tumblr

Lately I've been caught up with my fashion entrepreneur course (group project) and some chores.  It's so nice to get my butt blogging again.  I try to keep myself consistent at it,  but I'm just all over the place.  *Crosses fingers*  I hope I to write a lot more on my blog as soon as summer hits.  Well, I found some time to collect my favorite links that I find are cool to share. So check them out!

♥  Pictures and stories of adorable interspecies animal relationships.

♥  I know I've spotted this premise on tumblr and blogs awhile ago, but I can't wait to see Belle.

♥  Awesome jazzy music from Mario Kart 8.  Yay, Nintendo for having talented musicians!

♥  Which Wes Anderson character are you?  I scored Jack from the Darjeeling Limited.

♥  How to wear a tulle skirt without looking like a ballerina (not that the ballerina look is a bad thing).

♥  Speaking of tulle skirts, this is an awesome maxi tulle skirt.  BUT  all the maxi tulle skirts are sold out.  Hopefully, they'll restock it?

♥  Nothing Really Matters-- an article about getting lost into the moment and not caring what the world thinks about you.  Pretty inspiring to read.

What do you think of my links?