Sunday, July 13, 2014

Kingfisher by PHOX and this month's random links

I like how very light and earthly this music sounds.  I hope you darlings enjoy this song and these links.

   If you're from the U.S., watch out for fake donations bins-- that is if you care where your items are heading towards to.

   Backyard barbecue ideas.

   A life hack tip on bicycling in skirts/ dresses.  This is handy if you're a stylish person who bikes.

♥   Cute baby swans piggy back riding on their mommy.

♥   Reading/ watching too much bad news can add stress.  This research doesn't surprise me, I know I would get sick from reading too much bad news.   If keeping in touch with daily news is part of your job, just look at pictures of cute animals to keep you in balance.  How do you guys handle stress?

   I want to try this recipe: strawberry rhubarb  sorbet in an ice bowl.  This would make a perfect summer dessert.

   TwinkieChan's knitting tutorials.

♥   While I know there are plenty of cat sweaters for cat people, there is a sweater for bunny people too.  Are you a bunny person like me?  What's your favorite animal?

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