Sunday, July 6, 2014

Yay, hot pink hair!

I'm pretty happy with this hair hot pink color, it makes my life feel less repetitive.  I know I've been getting quite some stares, which is understandable-- it's a bright color, afterall.   Might be a cool color to cosplay Princess Bubblegum character.   Ehh, we'll see.

This weekend, I celebrated the Sailor Moon reboot by wearing my Fionna &Cake (crossed with the Sailor Moon bow) shirt and drank peach soda.


  1. I can't wait for the next episode (bi-weekly release boo), although it's been pretty much a shot for shot remake of the original first episode. I love your hair color although I think Princess Bubblegum has a little bit lighter shade of pink. How do you get so much volume in those curls?

    Another Beautiful Thing

    1. Ahhhh same, it will be a long stretch to wait for the next episode.

      After looking back at some Adventure Time videos, I just realized Princess Bubblegum's hair is actually lighter than mine's. Maybe after a few washes, the fuchsia will fade a bit.

      As for my curls, I used sponge rollers. My hair is naturally thick and wavy, so it's not difficult to stylize my hair in any way I want. :)

  2. Love love love the hair! And I can't wait for the next ep too!
    Found you through the Mori Girl bloggers and I feel the same as you! It's an intuitive feeling and I don't ALWAYS dress mori, but I feel that it describes my lifestyle as a whole.
    So happy to cyber-meet you!

  3. You look absolutely perfect! <3 Love that color on you!

    - Anna