Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What's your season?

According to my instructor,  I'm an autumn.  I'm mostly made up of warm shades: gold-like skin tone, brown eyes, and dark brown hair with reddish undertones.  With my current hair color (magenta/ fuschia), my season is still autumn because I am still warm overall.  

Unsurprisingly,  olive green is the most flattering color on me when it comes to contrast, but when I prefer to not stand out,  salmon is a great blending color.  Most cool colors can wash me out. Sometimes, I have to find ways to balance my cool-tone garments with my warm season.  I did this with my favorite cool white galaxy cat t-shirt and my cream colored cardigan.  Make-up also works great too.  I'll try to keep an update on this color theory exploration, since it is part of my hobby.

What season are you?  Do you know your colors? What are your tricks?  Please share!

Disclaimer:  Your season should not dictate what you should wear,  they  just serve as basic guidelines for finding dominant flattering colors.  Just because your favorite color is not on your list doesn't mean you can't wear it. 

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