Thursday, October 30, 2014

Twin Peaks Costume Ideas: Log Lady & Agent Cooper

Okay, this will be my final Twin Peaks Costume Ideas post for this year.  Again, I basically worked with all the things that were straight out from the closet.

Margaret Lanterman, or the Log Lady, is one of the unusual characters in Twin Peaks-- she's my favorite character for that reason!  She carries a wood log almost everywhere with her and can hear the log "talk".


The Log Lady's outfit consists of earthy prints, layers, and warm fabrics.  She's not the most glamorous-looking woman, but I love the way she looks.  In fact, I took some inspiration from the Log Lady for my forest-girl outfits.  This costume is perfect for a cold night!   Having a log is a must.

I don't have to explain too much about Agent Cooper's outfit; we all know that he's meant to look professional.


Key Look:

Kempt hair, styling product
A solid black tie, or a tie with any type of black-and-red print.
A sharp black blazer or a beige gabardine coat. For authenticity, you can dig for ones with the 80s cut.
Dress shoes
Coffee mug or a tape recorder


Taken from GIPHY

Ghost Lanterns from Mario

I wanted something festive for Halloween and cute at the same time, so I made ghost characters from an iconic Nintendo game.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Twin Peaks Costume Idea: Audrey Horne

Audrey Horne is the kind of character who doesn't follow the rules; she's a rebel or anything opposite of a non-goody-two-shoes person .  When she is not in her Oxford shoes, she would wear her bright red pumps as if they're everything to her.  I believe Audrey Horne is one of the most iconic characters in the Twin Peaks series.

Like with most Twin Peaks characters, Audrey Horne's style is pretty basic.  Her strong contrast is her signature look.   50s/60s-inspired items aren't hard to find these days. 

 Picture Link

Main key stuff:
-Warm red lipstick (duh)
-Dark short hair
-Cashmere sweater or something similar.  You can also try wearing a cardigan backward!
-Pleated skirt w/ plaid print 
-Red kitten pumps or oxford shoes

-Fake cigarette, unless you're a smoker. 
-A partner/friend with a sharp suit and a tape recorder
-Dancing to this song

For makeup and hair tutorial, I recommend Dandelion April's video for her beauty-related magic tricks.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Twin Peaks Costume Idea: Laura Palmer's Doppelganger from Black Lodge

I've been a Twin Peaks fan for quite awhile and I'm looking forward to the new series, which will be out in 2016!   When it comes to dressing up for Halloween, I tend to go for characters that are part of my favorite fandom.  Another great thing about Twin Peaks is that most of the characters on the show wears stuff that most people can find from their closet. 

I own a blonde wig, a black maxi dress, and a black blazer...and I came up with this:

A red lipstick is a must (common David Lynch motif).  It's not authentic, but I would say the overall look works pretty well. 

For a touch of eeriness and fun (optional):
-Creepy white-out contact lenses or unnatural light-colored lenses.  and you have to do that  "scream" with a sinister face.
-Rhinestone jewelry: earrings, and brooch
-A friend/partner dressed in a red suit dancing backwards.

Taken from GIPHY

Feel free to snatch this idea! 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Autumn Playlist I

I just gathered some songs that feels October-like to me: eeriness, brassy sounds, melancholic sounds, warm sounds, and cold sounds.   I hope you guys enjoy them!

1. Shave Em Dry - Lucille Bogan (Mature content)

2. Ghost- Michael Jackson

3.  We Exist- Arcade Fire

4. Little Demon- Screamin' Jay Hawkins

5.  Early Morning Rain- Peter, Paul, and Mary

6. K.K. Cruisin (Animal Crossing Soundtrack)- Composers: Kazumi Totaka, Shinobu Tanaka, Toru Minegishi

7. Falling- Julee Cruise (Twin Peaks theme)

8. Good Old Days- Beau Hunks

9. St. James Infirmary Blues- Cab Calloway

10. Howl's Moving Castle theme- Joe Hisaishi