Thursday, October 30, 2014

Twin Peaks Costume Ideas: Log Lady & Agent Cooper

Okay, this will be my final Twin Peaks Costume Ideas post for this year.  Again, I basically worked with all the things that were straight out from the closet.

Margaret Lanterman, or the Log Lady, is one of the unusual characters in Twin Peaks-- she's my favorite character for that reason!  She carries a wood log almost everywhere with her and can hear the log "talk".


The Log Lady's outfit consists of earthy prints, layers, and warm fabrics.  She's not the most glamorous-looking woman, but I love the way she looks.  In fact, I took some inspiration from the Log Lady for my forest-girl outfits.  This costume is perfect for a cold night!   Having a log is a must.

I don't have to explain too much about Agent Cooper's outfit; we all know that he's meant to look professional.


Key Look:

Kempt hair, styling product
A solid black tie, or a tie with any type of black-and-red print.
A sharp black blazer or a beige gabardine coat. For authenticity, you can dig for ones with the 80s cut.
Dress shoes
Coffee mug or a tape recorder


Taken from GIPHY


  1. God, that cardigan! o_O O_o <3 I like your Log Lady waaaay better than the original. Haha. You look great! Agent Cooper is looking good, too :D

    - Anna

    1. Haha, I laughed at your emoticons. Thanks for your comments! The only downside is that I just lack the super power to talk to logs. XD

      Agent Cooper will be happy to hear about this comment too! ^__^