Wednesday, November 26, 2014

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Random stuff about me and blog update:

1. I took a break from my fashion major and about to head to a beauty college to study cosmetology.   I need to obtain skills that will provide me consistent income in the future, especially during recessive times.  Don't worry, I won't quit writing about my personal style since clothes are part of my favorite art media for self-expression.  Just be aware that I might write about makeup and hair-related stuff.

2. My main personal style in very broad categories (fashion analysis terms):  the ingenue, the creative, the romantic, and the classic.
a. Ingenue- Quirky, youthful, fun, and cute.  Normally these would apply to young women from NYLON magazine, but there are older women like  Betsey Johnson and Carrie Bradshaw who may fall into this category. In the old days, they used this term to refer to the young Audrey Hepburn because of her gamine figure.
b. Creative- Artistic and well-coordinated.  A person who is the creative likes to put clothes together that directs the eye in a certain way.  S/he is not too concern with looking like a character; the creative is concerned about how shapes, textures, lines, and colors respond to each other. 
c. Romantic- Dreamy and dressy.  A romantic person dresses as if s/he is about to head to a date..or just walked right out from a period novel.  There are usually laces, floral print, ruffles and frills for this style. Some romantics may not necessarily wearing pink floral garments, since there is a Goth style that is romantic, but in a dark way.  If a romantic woman is not into strong laces, floral print, and ruffles like Molly Ringwald, then she may be into wearing sexier clothes like Elizabeth Taylor. 
d. Classic- Timeless, basic, and safe.  I don't think I have to describe too much about the classic style since this term gets used a lot.  As Audrey Hepburn was growing up, her style matured into classic. 

3. What season am I?  Going by the Color Me Beautiful logic, I would say I'm a warm autumn.  However, if I were to wear contact lenses and dye my hair blue black, I'm a winter.  I have a medium complexion, so it's easy for me to look fair on certain days and more tan during warm seasons.
4. I'm 5' 4", hourglass body type.  I thought I should share, in case any of you guys are curious about fitting and such.

5. I don't consider myself an expert, unless I have the right sources to back me up on whatever I find true.  You'll find that I will mostly blog from an experimental perspective. 

6. You'll find that I like magical-girls cartoons, folk tales, pixel sprites, Legend of Zelda, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Hence, these will be the things that will inspire my ingenue-like sense of style. 

7. You will also find that my taste may fall under "non-cute and darkish side".  Things like David Lynch, Hitchcock, a fitted  black dress, Betty Paige, Orphan Black, and red lipstick. 

8. You'll find that I'm pretty open to all kinds of entertainment out there.  I don't listen to one particular type of music, I don't conform into a strict subcultural lifestyles, I watch any films/ shorts/ tv series that I find are good, and I don't give shades to anything mainstream without sampling the piece.

9. I don't smoke, and not much of a drinker.

10. I still illustrate and trying to get better at it!

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