Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Colorful Lights at Night

Gigantic Holiday Wreath Red light

Book Store Stairway

Cafe at night
Taken with my low quality Pantech camera-phone, and it's not a smart phone either

Now that we reached to the season with shorter daylight,  I still find myself fascinated with synthetic lights in my city-town.  Every time my boyfriend and I feel the need to get out somewhere at night, there are very few places to go-- we usually end up strolling in downtown and local malls.  If we wanted to, we could kill time by getting dinner at a restaurant on the strip or shop at the mall, but that's okay, looking at pretty lights was enough to keep us amused. 


  1. This brings back memories of the Kobe Luminarie in Japan. There was something both calming and mesmerizing about those colorful light displays. <3

    - Anna