Thursday, December 11, 2014

The End of the Rainbow

Music playlist for this photo collection:
1. Shostakovich-  The Second Waltz  2. Juventino Rosas- Over The Ocean Waves 3. Joe Hisashi- Howl's Moving Castle Theme 4. Shigeru Uembayashi- Yumeji's Theme 5. Eugen Doga- Gramophone Waltz 6. Koji Kondo- Fairy Fountain Theme(Legend of Zelda games) 7. Barry White- Let the Music Play

Rainbow Road

Christmas Tree Rainbow

Imagene Peise

Rainbow Lights

Rainbow Road II

Full Moon

The Snoopy Ice Arena

End of the Rainbow


  1. You are so beautiful <3 Your room is so cozy and inviting. I love all of the lights. Oh and Mario Kart! :DDD Totes need to get on that. Haven't played that in forever. Though, I can't seem to play it without a stiff drink by my side. I think drinking heavily makes me feel better about how damn hard some of those levels are. Hehe.

    - Anna

    1. Thanks!

      Mario Kart is so fun-- the music and the visuals are so beautiful, I think you may like it! Let me know how the experience is like after drinking XD