Monday, March 23, 2015


I don't know what is it with me and big hair.  I blame retro films.  I blame Dolly Parton.  I blame all of my old Barbie dolls. I blame Princess Peach. I blame Texas.  Okay, I know the hair pictured above isn't as big as Texas, but it's pretty voluminous on my head-- and I love it. 

There's not a whole lot for me to explain this picture, clearly, it's just another of my ingenue style.  I only just want to thank two of my friends (cosmetology students in training) for putting huge rollers in my head.  I love how my curls felt very light and airy, yet the curling details remained compact. 

Lately in Spring 2015...

I've been soooo preoccupied with beauty school assignments that I have no time to blog from the past several weeks.  Believe me, cosmetology requires loads of study time (learning about chemistry, geometry, design, etc.) but it's a pretty fun subject!  At least I know I will have a stable career to keep my income rolling.

So, I finished my fantasy mannequin for school.  I know the whole deer thing is pretty common throughout youtube, tumblr, and instagram, but I had fun making my own version of this piece. My client (the mannequin) was pretty non-verbal throughout her makeover. 

While I will be updating on a lot of beauty-related stuff,  I won't shy away from fashion either!